Legacy of the North

The Lay of the Brotherhood of the Red Tiger
The twisting tale is already a long thread

The Brotherhood of the Red Tiger is

Rill of the Rithmunr (Red Tiger, Rithmunr Clan)
Gheld Son of Gald (Black Tiger but shield brother to our Clan)
Karin (Red Tiger but not Rithmunr. Self exile from Thradulf’s own Clan)
Ziya (a dude from Marin)
Josh (a dude from Stockton)

Former Shield Brothers:
Gunnar – Large man with great axe. Rithmunr – missing
Bjorn – Black Tiger born but Rithmunr raised. Brother to Gheld, Priest of Rithmunr – abandoned our quest, traveled to the battle front to aid our brothers
Norgar – Rithmunr Bezerker – dead
Durig – Rithmunr – dabbler in the black arts – outcast
Ormuld – a drunk man at arms. missing

A brief timeline

The heroes blooded our blades for the first time on the misery brood as the dawn rose on Frost Morn. It was a great honor and a rite of passage for true warriors.

Upon returning home, there was a great assault by undead draugr.

Thorfang, our chieftain is killed as well as our spiritual leader. His widow Guta is in mourning

We travel to an ancient Red Tiger burial ground to inter the dead, but it has been defiled and the corpses of our own brothers raised against us, we discover

We convene as a clan to discuss the future.

We decide to escort Thorfang’s body to Beorunna’s Well for burial

On the Journey, Thorfang’s corpse is robbed of his amulet that can discerne lies from truths

Arrival and last rights

We track Hakkun Winwood and find he has been killed and the amulet is gone

Travel to Andar Heartwood, chieftain of the Black Tiger. There is a confrontation in the streets of his village and Rill slays a Black Tiger

Heartwood judges were guild is due and provides us with horses to track the slayer of Winwood

The path leads us to a Necromancers Lair. We slay the Necromancers and free Karin. We discover that Thradulf’s is in league with the Necromancers and has paid her with coin marked with his tribes symbol

We return to Beorunna’s well to discover Thradulf’s and his priest Agwulf have slan Anders Heartwood’s wife. War between Red Tiger and Black Lion.

Our Loyalties are split. Join our people in an unjust war or fight against our kinsmen.

We decide to return to our tribe, but are transported to the Fey Realm where time flows differently. While there we meet Cailin Cammil, Protector of the Green. A diminutive but doughty knight of the fairy realm.

We are charger with slaying the Shadow Wolf King and returning with his iron crown. We do this.

Return to the Cold vale

Rill Keeps talking to the empty place between his left shoulder and his left ear. Is he mad?

Discovery that Henga, shield maiden of the Rithmunr has been taken hostage by the misery brood. We go to save her but are attacked in the night and barely escape with our lives.

We track the brood to a cave and enter, engaging the enemy in a brutal but successful campaign to clear the caves. We discover that the enemy is growing trolls.

Many trolls

Return home. Our tribes strength is broken, so we travel to see Beodred and ask for his help. He hesitatingly agrees. We are to meet his clan at a pitched battle with the misery brood but we instead go back to the Faerie Realm. The distraction makes us late for the battle, which Beodred looses..

A Sort of Homecoming
The dead walk the woods

Session 2 – Opening Script

Your heart beats in your chest like a wardrum as the sounds of screams echo through the trees of your village and the stench of burning flesh assails your sense of smell. Thradmir’s wild tales of the walking dead fill your head and your imagination runs wild. Suddenly, ahead of you the underbrush rustles and erupts forth shambling humanoid forms that once breathed air and lusted for life, but no longer. These dessicated corpses were once orcs and men, but now their flesh clings tightly to their bones and they move forward a mere mockery of their former selves. Four move slowly toward you, their vacant eyes flashing darkly when your heart stops cold. Two more of these once living creatures come charging at you with a quickness that the dead should never exhibit.

Frost Morn
A rite of passage

Session 1 – Opening Script
You exhale into the icy chill pre dawn air and watch your breath as it crystallizes, forms a soft cloud and slowly rises up to meet your ancestors who shine faintly down upon you from the brightening morning sky. You grasp the ancestor medallion you wear upon your neck and whisper a prayer for them to smile upon you and grant you strength in the coming battle.
Your eyes move steadily across your companions, barely visible in the near dawn light. You all lay quietly, concealed among the rocks and tall pillars of stone, here in the God’s Teeth, at the edge of the Cold Vale, waiting for your prey. You have stalked this Orc band for five days and watched their tracks come and go through this canyon as they moved between their mountain passes in the south and your home in the Cold Wood to the North. You can only guess as to their intentions, though when the scouts came perilously close to your Winter Camp you picked up their trail and decided to act. You could have called in more seasoned scouts and hunters, but after quickly conferring among yourselves you decided that this time, you would earn your worth and come home decorated with orc blood.
Yet you all know that if they do not move through the canyon in the next few minutes, however, you will need to return to your camp dishonorably, for the coming morning brings the celebration of the Holy day Frost Morn, which the southerners call High Harvesttide. On this Holy Day you must receive a drink of the blood of an enemy mixed with ice and snow in honor of Uthgar’s past victories. The rites must be performed at dawn by one of the Tribal Shamans. You glance across the rocks and let your gaze fall upon <cleric>, your old friend and chosen of Uthgar. You can see the fire burning in his eyes even through the dim morning light. You are glad that your friend has accompanied you on this grim journey. Without him you would not have the chance to celebrate this holiday on your own terms. You know that he must feel the passing of the night more keenly than any of you. Uthgar’s worship calls out to you from the sky, rocks, trees and your very heart. You feel the Red Tiger stir within you at the thought of mighty Uthgar. But where is the enemy?
With that a silent figure appears over one of the rocks guarding your position. It is Rill, your close friend and a skilled scout. He breathes heavily, betraying the long leagues he has been running.
Rill: “They come; and quickly! Prepare yourselves, friends.”
A nervous smile creeps across your faces as your hearts beat faster in your chests and your fingers tighten upon the hafts of your weapons. Your courage is fast, though your battle prowess is yet untried. Ormud, whispers the following words, his voice forming a cadence old as your people:
Ormud: “Rough Runs the River when winter winds howl. The traveler finds no comfort in Hama’s hard home.”
His few words remind you of Hama’s hard fight in times long past against Orcs who would threaten his frozen home and you feel your spirit raise in joy as you stand poised to take your place among the heroic warriors of your tribe.
Gabe: “I hear them coming. Three are in front leading the main force; Running hard”
Ormud: “Fight well, friends, and remember – Strike hard and fast and we will break their will.”
On the path below you three Orcs running hard in the pre-dawn come into view. Their eyes scan the hillside, but they have not discerned your forms in the rocks above them.
Peter: “Make these Orcs pay for the sins of all their kind, my mighty brothers. We will bathe in their blood. I am with you and I will do what I am able!”
Bjorn: “Pounce like the Great Tiger and feast upon our prey, my brothers!”
Ari: “I feel my blood of our Ancestor’s burning in my veins and I need to battle! Come, my friends, Let us fall upon them like an iron rain!”


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