Gheld son of Ghald

Large Warrior and Leader of Men.


From the Deserts of Calimport to the frozen waste of the North there are few who rival Gheld’s size and physical form. He towers over even his northern kin with broad shoulders and corded muscles while his body tells the tale of years spent under harsh labor, training and war.

He wears master-crafted armor made by Elven Smiths, his sword and shield are almost too large for most to carry and these tools he uses to deadly effect. He wades through the battlefield with a studied calm and a ferocious resolve; both commander and weapon.

Though born into the northern Black Lion tribes, his time with the Humans and Elves of Silverymoon changed him, for the better by his own estimation. His hair is neatly kept, his mustache is oiled and his scent is that of a gentleman; a rare thing in this world.


Gheld was the first of three sons to Ghald the Pale, barbarian and northman of the Black Lion clan. Like his father, Gheld was large and powerful and had a natural mind for war. When he was nearly 9 years old, his family was attacked by enemies on the road from the South. Gheld and his father fought back the Orcs at great cost. His father and both brothers were mortally wounded, and died in the cold snow. His mother took him back to the south to live in Silverymoon.

Gheld was an outcast who learned proper etiquette from the civilized races of South. He studied many subjects and given his already visible prowess, was admitted into the War College. He excelled there and by the age of 16 was deemed fit for combat and ready to serve. He was a giant among the southern men and quickly gained minor fame and adoration as a skilled warrior and leader. In his late twenties, while campaigning near the Northern borders, Gheld was informed that his entire family did not perish so many years ago. His younger brother Bjorn had survived and was raised as a great priest of the Red Tiger clan. Gheld was dismissed from military service with honors and rushed to the north to find his brother and keep him safe.

After they re-united, he and his brother had many adventures. Though Fate it seemed is not without its ironies. Gheld, the only non-Red Tiger clan member, was bitten why a Were Red Tiger while defending his companions and over time became infected by the curse. His companions, all of the Red Tiger Clan, do not know that this curse has been transferred…though suspicion has begun.

Gheld son of Ghald

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