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Current Heroes

  • Rill – A Roguish warrior of the Ri∂munr clan of Red Tigers who aspires to one day unite the Uthgardt (played by Steve Gardner)
  • Gheld son of Ghald – A Black Lion warrior who was raised in Silverymoon by his mother. He had come north in search of his lost brother, Bjorn. (played by Jeremy Gaunt)
  • Karrin – A druid raised among the Ae∂elfell Clan who left that group after discovering the treachery of Thradulf (played by Sara Gardner)

Past Heroes

  • Bjorn – Born a Black Lion, and raised as a priest of the Red Tiger among the Ri∂munr clan, this headstrong spiritual leader and warrior is brother of Gheld son of Ghald. Bjorn has abandoned the group to support those fighting the war. (played by Arlo Kirschner)
  • Durg – An emissary of the druids who was born and lives among the Ri∂munr clan (played by Gabe Jones)
  • Norgar – A barbarian warrior of the Ri∂munr (played by Ari)
  • Gunnar – A son of the Ri∂munr who is cursed with dark magic (played by Peter Gardner)
  • Ormuld – A drunken warrior of the Ri∂munr (played by Andy Fredricksen)

Red Tigers of The Cold Wood

Ri∂munr Clan (the clan of our heroes)

  • Thorfang Longfang “The Patient” – Clan leader of the Rithmunr killed in the attack of the draugr. (deceased)
  • Guta “of the Frostlands” Longfangwife – Thorfang’s widow
  • Kveldulf Thradasson – Priest of Red Tiger and Shaman to the Ri∂munr. Former master of Bjorn. Killed in the attack of the draugr. (deceased)
  • Mor∂ of the Hills – A Huscarl of Thorfang and leader of the male Warrior Society
  • Henga – A Huscarl of Thorfang and leader of the Female Warrior Society
  • Hama – A warrior of the Ri∂munr who is supported for leadership by Thradulf after Thorfang’s death.
  • Adalleif Hakonsson – (deceased) a warrior of the Ri∂munr killed in the attack of the draugr, but who was killed by mysterious means.
  • Guthbarra Beorsdottir – Huscarl of Thorfang and member of the Female Warrior Society
  • Beada Gislidottier – A noble thegn of Thorfang

Ae∂elfell Clan (the Ruling clan of the Red Tigers)

  • Thradulf Longfang – Chieftain of the Red Tiger Tribe
  • A∂elthrang “The Black” – High priest
  • Agwulf Stormwood – Ae∂elthrang’s Apprentice
  • Anguar Croweater – A warrior (deceased)
  • Hakkon Winwood – A thief and were rat. (deceased)

Beodred’s Clan

  • Beodred Longfang, Chieftain of an unallied band of red tiger warriors who are a clan of Lycanthropes
  • Guthwyn – Beodred Longfang’s Right Hand Man
  • Haldred – Ex-Ridmunr in Beodred’s troop
  • Wulffyrth – A warrior in Beodred’s troop

Red Tiger’s of Beorunna’s Well

  • Patrovani One Hand – Red Tiger priest in Beorunna’s Well
  • Sigurth the Red – A Red Tiger Ranger who hunts near the well

Black Lions of Beorunna’s Well

  • Andar Heartwood, chieftain of the Black Tiger
  • Adalal of the Hills – A warrior leader of Black Tiger Warriors Guild with whom the heroes got into a mortal disagreement and had to pay wer-geld
  • Yvera Guthmansdottir, Black Lion from a merchant family trading with the south. Imprisioned by the Misery Brood and set free by the heroes.
  • Guthman Beorsson – A Black Lion imprisioned by the Misery Brood and set free by the heroes.


  • Valin Greymoor – A Southern Merchant from Silverymoon Imprisioned by the Misery Brood and set free by the heroes.

Denizens of the Fey Realm

  • King Aerion Tith-silver – Lord High Regent of the Immortal Relams and Scion of the Green 
  • Sir Cealin Caloweal – Protector of the Green. A diminutive but doughty knight of the fairy realm serving King Aerion and the Seelie Sidhe Court.
  • Mother the Queen Breyalthia – Unknown and Unknowable Queen of Shadow
  • The Huntsman – The royal huntsman of the realm. Keeper of the pack.

Ancient Heroes
Among the names of Uthgar, Morgur and Beorunna are also mentioned these heroes

  • Rashtan the Wolf – Barbarian 5 (played by Steve Gardner)
  • Magister and Crimson the Red Tiger – Ranger Beastmaster 6 (played by Ziya Dikman)
  • Vitna the Black – Rogue 5 (Assassin) (played by Jeremy Gaunt)
  • Svala – Cleric of Tempus 5 (played by Sara Gardner)
  • Aziriphael – Aasimar Cavalier Order of the Dragon (played by River Walker)
  • Floki – Rogue 5 (played by Josh Burks)

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